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Santa's little helpers are BACK!

Every year Santa sends out his little helpers to keep watch on one specific family so he knows if the children have been naughty or nice. This year -20202- we are in a global pandemeic and the little helpers need to be quarentined.  Since there are no masks for faces this small, we placed them into a clear stuffed balloon to act as a quarentine bubble! They can still see out and hear everything, so stay on your best behavior!

Some of the elves will be returning to their own assigned famlies, so if you need a place to keep your's contained( who doesnt! LOL) we can help! We will meet you to collect your elf and place it into these quarantine bubbles!

VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES- Select the purple button to order one today!

Santa's helper stuffed balloons will be available from Nov 27th - Dec17, 2020



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